Mai Papa ban gaya

Today I am not posting any technical solution or technical information on my techblog but I giving information to all of my blog reader that I am blessed with baby girl. I will write more about it but some other time presently only this information and photos of her.

I am blessed with baby daughter today 12.30PM IST.

Deedi(my elder sister) ordered me to stay at home so she can go and see my daughter, it was feeling like impossible for me to wait but had no option so started writing.

Till yesterday I was too tired, nervous, tensed, confused but today I am flying highest in sky. When I heard crying voice of her I felt a tremendous joy, when I took her in my arms I felt like most hapy person in world. It was greatest feeling I ever had in my entire life. All the exertion of last several months is gone; I do not have word to explain this but what I can do is I can share photos of my sweetheart.

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